Sunday, April 8, 2007

Utility adds more renewable geothermal energy

From Pacific Gas and Electric Company...
Enough renewable electricity for more than 125,000 PG&E customers

"Pacific Gas and Electric Company announced it has entered into contracts with IAE Truckhaven I, LLC and Northwest Geothermal Company to purchase up to a total of 169 megawatts (MW) of renewable geothermal energy resources to help meet its customers’ future electricity needs. Electric generation from these renewable energy resources will provide enough power to supply more than 125,000 PG&E customers.

The addition of this geothermal generation further adds to PG&E’s diverse and renewable energy resources and ensures that more than thirty percent of our northern and central California customers’ energy needs will come from hydroelectricity and renewable sources,” said Fong Wan, vice president of Energy Procurement. “These new resources will add to a generating portfolio that already has one of the lowest rates of air emissions in the country....

California’s RPS Program requires each utility to increase its procurement of eligible renewable generating resources by 1% of load per year to achieve a 20% renewables goal. These two contracts increase PG&E’s 2005 RFO procurement to approximately 2.5% of load, 2.5 times the annual target. The RPS Program was passed by the Legislature and is managed by California’s Public Utilities Commission and Energy Commission."

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