Friday, March 9, 2007

Technical Papers: Engineered Geothermal Systems

From the 2007 Stanford Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering...
Q: Are natural hot springs necessary for geothermal power generation?

Technical papers delivered recently at Stanford University (U.S.) reflect the latest thinking about enhanced or engineered geothermal systems, which do not require hot springs or other natural sources of hot water.

Engineered geothermal systems—still in the early stages of development—create an artificial 'reservoir' deep in the earth by infusing hot dry rock with water to generate steam. The captured steam, in turn, drives turbines that yield commercial-grade electricity.

Links to the conference papers are provided in the scrolling directory below.

(1) "The Future of Geothermal Energy: An Assessment of the Energy Supply Potential of Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) for the United States" — Tester, Blackwell, Petty, Richards, Moore, Anderson, Livesay, Augustine, DiPippo, Nichols, Veatch, Drake, Toksoz, Baria, Batchelor & Garnish
(2) "Cost of Electricity from Enhanced Geothermal Systems" — Sanyal, Morrow, Butler & Robertson-Tait
(3) "Updated U.S. Geothermal Supply Characterization " — Petty & Porro
(4) "Chemical Stimulation in Near-Wellbore Geothermal Formations: Silica Dissolution in the Presence of Calcite at High Temperature and High pH" — Rose, Xu, Kovac, Mella & Pruess
(5) "Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage in the Fractured London Chalk. a Thermal Injection / Withdrawal Test and Its Interpretation" — Law, Nicholson & Mayo
(6) "Estimation of Mineral Transportation in HDR Circulation Test" — Yanagisawa, Matsunaga & Sugita
(7) "Thermal Modelling of Long Term Circulation of Multi-Well Development at the Cooper Basin Hot Fractured Rock (HFR) Project and Current Proposed Scale-Up Program" — Vörös, Weidler & Wyborn
(8) "An Investigation of the Dixie Valley Geothermal Field, Nevada, Using Temporal Moment Analysis of Tracer Tests" — Reed
(9) "Thermal Characteristics of the Chena Hot Springs Alaska Geothermal System" — Erkan, Holdman, Blackwell & Benoit
(10) "Exploration and Development at Dixie Valley, Nevada: Summary of DOE Studies" — Blackwell, Smith & Richards
(11) "Geothermal Resources at Naval Petroleum Reserve-3 (NPR-3), Wyoming" — Milliken
(12) "Inferring Well-to-Well Connectivity Using Nonparametric Regression on Well Histories" — Horne & Szucs
(13) "Analysis of Well Tests in Afyon Ömer-Gecek Geothermal Field, Turkey" — Onur, Cinar, Aksoy, Serpen & Satman
(14) "Convective Dispersion in a Real Fracture" — Bauget & Fourar
(15) "Well Path Design and Stimulation Treatments at the Geothermal Research Well GTGRSK4/05 in Groß Schönebeck" — Zimmermann, Reinicke, Blöcher, Milsch, Gehrke, Holl, Moeck, Brandt, Saadat & Huenges
(16) "New Well Test Measurement Technique for Low Enthalpy Geothermal Wells" — Serpen & Aksoy
(17) "Reliability of Early Modeling Studies for High-Temperature Reservoirs in Iceland and the Philippines" — Sarmiento & Björnsson
(18) "The Use of Inflow Performance Relationships to Identify Reservoir Response During Production Tests in a Geothermal Well" — Aragón, Suárez, Moya, & Izquierdo
(19) "Chemical Characteristics of the Coso East Flank Hydrothermal Fluids: Implications for the Location and Nature of the Heat Source" — Christenson, Kennedy, Adams, Bjornstad & Buck
(20) "A Study on the Production and Reservoir Performance of Omer-Gecek/Afyon Geothermal Field" — Satman, Onur, Serpen & Aksoy
(21) "Deep Heat Mining in the Austrian Alps - a Prelimenary Look on Possibilities and Limitations" — Salcher & Goetzl
(22) "Use of Rapid Temperature Measurements at a 2-meter Depth to Augment Deeper Temperature Gradient Drilling" — Coolbaugh, Sladek, Faulds, Zehner, & Oppliger
(23) "Geothermal Energy Development along Africa's Rift Valley (no paper)" — Echavarria
(24) "Reservoir Pressure Drawdown and the Alum Lakes, Wairakei" — Newson & O'Sullivan
(25) "Water Injection as a Means for Reducing Non-Condensible and Corrosive Gases in Steam Produced from Vapor-Dominated Reservoirs" — Pruess, Spycher & Kneafsey
(26) "Geomechanical Facies Concept and the Application of Hybrid Numerical and Analytical Techniques for the Description of HTMC Coupled Transport in Fractured Systems" — McDermott, Xie, Kosakowski, Mettier, Moog & Kolditz
(27) "Assessing Uncertainty in Future Pressure Changes Predicted by Lumped-Parameter Models: A Field Application" — Tureyen, Sarak & Onur
(28) "Integrated Dense Array and Transect Mt Surveying at Dixie Valley Geothermal Area, Nevada; Structural Controls, Hydrothermal Alteration and Deep Fluid Sources" — Wannamaker, Doerner & Hasterok
(29) "Streaming Potential Measured for an Intact Rock Sample at Temperatures to 200 C" — Ishido & Matsushima
(30) "Microearthquake Survey at the Buranga Geothermal Prospect, Western Uganda" — Ochmann, Lindenfeld, Barbirye & Stadtler
(31) "Microearthquake Moment Tensors from the Coso Geothermal Area" — Julian, Foulger & Monastero
(32) "Net Power Capacity of Geothermal Wells Versus Reservoir Temperature - a Practical Perspective" — Sanyal, Morrow & Butler
(33) "Experimental Measurement of Two-Phase Relative Permeability in Vertical Fractures" — Speyer, Li & Horne
(34) "Thermodynamic Model for Predicting Interactions of Geothermal Brines with Hydrothermal Aluminum Silicate Minerals" — Moller, Christov & Weare
(35) "Output of Thermal Energy from Mutnovsky Volcano (Kamchatka) and Thermal Feeding of Mutnovsky Hydrothermal System" — Vereina
(36) "Tracer Tests Evaluating Hydraulic Stimulation at Deep Geothermal Reservoirs in Germany" — Ghergut, Sauter, Behrens, Licha, McDermott, Herfort, Rose, Zimmermann, Orzol, Jung, Huenges, Kolditz, Lodemann, Fischer, Wittig, Güthoff & Kühr
(37) "Stress State at Soultz-Sous-Forêts to 5 km Depth from Wellbore Failure and Hydraulic Observations" — Valley & Evans
(38) "Ongoing Resource Assessment of Geothermal Energy from Deep Sedimentary Basins in Texas" — Erdlac, Armour, Lee, Snyder, Sorensen, Matteucci & Horton
(39) "Stress and Pore Pressure Distribution Around a Pressurized, Cooled Crack in Low Permeability Rock" — Ghassemi
(40) "Geologic Setting of the Chena Hot Springs Geothermal System, Alaska " — Kolker, Newberry, Layer, Larsen & Stepp
(41) "The Shallow Hydrothermal System of Long Valley Caldera, California" — Suemnicht, Sorey, Moore & Sullivan
(42) "In Search for Thermal Anomalies in the Coso Geothermal Field (California) Using Remote Sensing and Field Data" — Eneva, Coolbaugh, Bjornstad & Combs
(43) "Discovering a New Buried Geothermal Field Found Using Geological-Geophysical and Geochemical Methods Uchbash-Saphane, Kutahya Western Anatolia, Turkey" — Burçak, Sevim, Hacisalihoglu
(44) "Updated Methods for Estimating Recovery Factors for Geothermal Resources" — Williams
(45) "Numerical Simulation of Tracer Testing Data at the Uenotai Geothermal Field, Japan" — Nakao, Ishido & Takahashi
(46) "Modeling and Forecast of the Exploitation the Pauzhetsky Geothermal Field, Kamchatka, Russia" — Kiryukhin, Asaulova, Rychkova, Obora, Manukhin & Vorozheikina
(47) "Geothermal Brine Invasion in Oil Reservoirs: A 3D Generalization of the Buckley-Leverett Model Using Non-Linear Finite Elements" — Suarez & Samaniego
(48) "Petrophysical Characterization of Carbonate Naturally Fractured Reservoirs for Use in Dual Porosity Simulators" — Pulido, Samaniego, García-Gavito, Galicia-Muñoz & Velez-García
(49) "An Update on Geothermal Energy Potential of Turkey" — Satman, Serpen & Korkmaz
(50) "Triple Porosity Model-Dual Permeability with Transient Diffusivity Hydraulic in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs " — Pulido, Samaniego, Cinco-Ley, Rivera & Galicia
(51) "The Composition Models of Local Materials Additive to Light Weight Cement on HTHP Conditions" — Nur & Dody
(52) "Silica Extraction from Hydrothermal Heat Carrier by Membrane Filters" — Potapov, Parshin, Gorbach, Kashpura, Min & Ermachihin
(53) "Experiments on Silicates and Gels Production with Using of Silica Extracted from Hydrothermal Solution" — Kashpura, Potapov, Turina, Zubaha, Gorbach
(54) "Petrography and Mineral Alteration in Berlín Geothermal Field" — Torio-Henriquez
(55) "Geothermal Resources Exploration and Wellsite Selection with Environmental Considerations Using GIS in Sabalan Geothermal Area, Iran" — Noorollahi, Itoi, Fujii & Tanaka
(56) "Estimation of the Sub-Surface Temperature by Means of Magnetotelluric Sounding" — Spichak, Zakharova, Rybin
(57) "HDR Project Soultz: Hydraulic and Seismic Observations During Stimulation of the 3 Deep Wells by Massive Water Injections" — Tischner, Schindler, Jung & Nami
(58) "Geothermal Potential Site Selection using GIS in Iran" — Yousefi, Ehara & Noorollahi
(59) "Investigation of Salt Precipitation in Geothermal Reservoir Near Sealing Conditions" — Tsypkin & Calore
(60) "Lithostratigraphy of Nigeria-An Overview" — Shitta
(61) "A Prospect Geothermal Potential of an Abandoned Copper Mine" — Tóth & Bobok
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